The 8th Annual Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis®

will be held 20 – 24 April 2020 in Leiden, The Netherlands

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With the rapid legalization of medicinal cannabis come many new questions and uncertainties. But where can you go to learn about this controversial topic, after decades of prohibition, misunderstanding and illegal use? Scientists do not have the practical answers you are looking for, and do not always understand the nuances of cannabis. Companies treat all their knowledge as intellectual property, and what they share is mostly advertising. And government officials are there to regulate cannabis – not to answer your questions. Meanwhile, the internet provides you with a total overload of unverified information. So who do you listen to?


The Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis provides you with the training you need. Although online cannabis courses are popping up everywhere, we strongly believe in face-to-face teaching. In an actual classroom students can ask all their questions to a real person, and connect with professional speakers as well as with their co-students from around the world. The Masterclass originated in The Netherlands in 2011 and has been organized each year since then. We can truly say this is a course with a history. 


The 8th edition of the Masterclass (MC8) will be organized  20 – 24 April 2020 in Leiden, The Netherlands. Are you interested? Register for our newsletter on the bottom of this page and we will  send you the information needed to apply.


  • Date: 20 – 24 April 2020 (5 days)
  • Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel, Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Maximum group size: 25 participants
  • Preliminary program: click here
  • Course fee: 3200 Euro (including opening dinner, all lunches, excursions)


Since its start in 2011, the Masterclass has been designed as a one week, intensive and in-depth learning environment where we focus on providing science based information on all aspects of cannabis, as a plant-based medicine. Our program is designed to educate individuals from all walks of life, including patients, politicians, advocates, scientists, entrepreneurs, physicians, and service providers to the industry. The Masterclass has the objective to collectively share information with key opinion leaders in their fields, in order to bring the worldwide discussion on the benefits as well as the risks of medicinal cannabis to a higher level.


Medicinal cannabis is more than just a new commercial product; it is also a complex medicine, a topic for chemical and medical science, a political problem, and a plant with a long history. In a world full of anonymous online courses and flashy business conferences, the Masterclass has become a recognized place for deep learning in small groups (max. 25 participants) directly from the experts. We organize our program according to the 5 Ps, which stands for: Plant, Product, Patient/Physician, Pharma and Politics. For each topic, we will discuss developments and opportunities relevant to your own career in this field. But we also look for problems and their solutions, so you are better prepared to keep up with the fast pace of developments today. Join us and give your career the push you have been looking for.


The Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis is a unique cannabis education seminar, offered and hosted by Dr. Arno Hazekamp, PhD He is a full time cannabis researcher with a deep understanding of biochemistry, a wide overview of the cannabis industry, and a long track record. 


Since 2001, Arno has been a key researcher within the Dutch medicinal cannabis program, one of the first legal programs in the world. As a trained biochemist specialized in medicinal plants, his main understanding of the cannabis plant is from a perspective of its chemistry. He asks questions like: what active compounds are present in different cannabis varieties, and how can they be developed into safe and useful products that comply with the standards of modern medicine, while also addressing the needs and preferences of patients.


Arno likes to describe himself as a cannabis “mythbuster”, helping to separate fact from fiction about cannabis through research. He clearly recognizes the promising medical potential of the plant, but does not see it as a miracle cure for all. As a scientist, educator and consultant, Arno will frequently raise questions about things like scientific proof, safety, and quality. His goal is to learn when cannabis medicine really works, and when it is smarter to choose other treatments, so that cannabis can find its proper place among other medicines.


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I feel humbled to have been in the company of such knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate people from all over the world. The information presented, dialogue, and discussions which ensued were of incredible value. I have been in contact with several members of the class since and have found a network of cannabis myth-busters who are willing to help spread & share accurate cannabis knowledge.

Craig (2018)


I will be forever grateful to be one of the attendees of the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis 7th edition. For me it was a life changing event, not only because of all the knowledge the speakers share with us but also for the connections I made because of this. The most amazing thing is that now I know people from around the world that work in the cannabis industry not only physicians but scientist, researchers, business owners, growers…you name it. If you are looking to learn from the best and exponentially grow your cannabis network, I strongly recommend it.

Claudia (2018)


The Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis is an unparalleled educational experience in the cannabis space. We covered an immense amount of information throughout the week, but the intimate learning environment allowed me to really absorb and retain that knowledge. The duration of the course allowed for deep focus, meaningful conversation and real connection with the other students and speakers. Honored to be a part of the reputable Masterclass family!

Jojo (2018)


The Masterclass was definitely worth the money and time. It was full of insights from experts in the field; it is difficult to get access to quality material like that while finding the chance to discuss and explore them with leaders in the industry. I also made valuable connections and friendships globally.

Faezeh (2018)


Are you working with medicinal cannabis in a professional way? Are you interested in learning more about quality standards for an herbal drug like cannabis? And do you feel inspired by ethical questions on the responsible use of cannabis as a medicine? Then we are looking for you!

The Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis is open to applicants from diverse professional backgrounds and from all over the world. The course has been attended by physicians, chemists, academic researchers, government officials, regulatory experts, patients, activists, dispensary owners and others from over 30 different countries.


Apply now – Registration open until 31 January

Attending the Masterclass is based on a selection procedure. In this way we strive to maximize diversity in the group. A maximum of 25 participants will be selected based on their CV and motivation letter. Please join us in the spring of 2020 in the beautiful historical town of Leiden, The Netherlands. 


The preliminary program is now available To apply for the upcoming Masterclass, please click on the button below and we will send you the information needed by email.


Please note that registration is only open until 31 January!


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